Sunday, August 20, 2017

New Project - Installing a Laundry Room Cabinet (July 2017)


The projects last year with the bathroom and the kitchen remodel took almost 3 months to complete and were very intense, which led me to not want to tackle anything more than work in my garden. (In fact, some things are still left to do like put handles on the cabinets and touch-up painting, but the outside is too hard to resist!)
However, the laundry/office/back entry space has been mostly untouched since the remodel to my master bedroom. Bedroom and hall remodel 2010 The only thing that was done there was to texture the walls and paint. This room is really just a dumping ground and a pass through room, has it doesn't have a purpose except for laundry. My idea is to take out all the ugly shelves and put in some nicer ones with cabinets and such, and turn the room into an office space as well. Here are the before pictures, this is a big room by the way, so these are large shelf spaces.
This is  me trying to get a picture of the layout for you- large recessed shelves made of chip board and a funky laundry space

These shelves are 94" wide by 82" tall.. lots of space just not pretty.

Laundry room has these bifold doors

Took them off and gave them to Habitat ReStore. 
After cleaning out the shelves and dumping the junk and old tax returns, I wanted to replace the lone shelf above the washer and dryer with a true cabinet. I found one at Lowe's and bought it. Cabinet at Lowe's But to hang any cabinet you really need 2 people, and so I called my favorite helper, my dad, to come over. Mom and Dad have moved to a much smaller house, and don't need all of his old tools or to do all the things he used to do. He is updating some things because no one in our family can leave their house alone! He came over and we assembled it first, which is always the tricky part, and then hung the cabinet.
First we need to move out the washer and dryer.. or maybe just the dryer because the washer is too heavy!

 Tearing out the shelf took about 30 seconds... it was nailed into an support rail but pretty easy to take this out.
Hinge A goes into hole 3 and bracket f screws into the hypoteneuse of the circumference of the square of Pi. 


Final assembly of the cabinet box

These cabinets use a "Z bracket" to hold them up.. I am not making this up! This is a board with a cut at an angle on one side that wedges into the back of the cabinet rail. It is a very strong hold! Important to affix this into the studs.. or your cabinet will fall down. AND OF COURSE MAKE IT LEVEL!

Finished product!
I wish this project went as well as these pictures lead you to believe it did. We actually got through it fairly fast but realized when I was installing the doors that it is too high. We can't open the doors all the way because they hit the wall above the opening. And if anyone is shorter than 5 foot 9 inches, they would not be able to use them. We will have to redo them eventually.. for now it looks good so we will leave it until he comes back to the house for a weekend.

Personal Note

The fire danger is still real up there, and I have had 3 fires that I have seen from my deck this year already. 

It is hard to imagine for those that don't live in an area like this, or who never had to   evacuate from a fire, but there is a kind of PTSD right now. I actually get choked up when I see a fire because I know that if it gets out of control, I can't stop it.  There is nothing that I can do and I could potentially lose everything that I have done to bring this house to where it is now. Whew... this is making me consider selling the house. But then I look at my garden and my greenhouse, my beautiful kitchen and bathroom and everything else that I have done to this house and think.. how can I leave? Sorry about this reflective stuff, it has been weighing on me lately.. HERE IS A SUNFLOWER TO MAKE IT ALL BETTER!

And one more sunflower!


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