Sunday, September 17, 2017

Beautiful Weekend ! Sept 17, 2017


It has been so hot this summer, that this weekend with only mid 80's for temperatures was just wonderful. I was able to work outside all day and not have to go in by 10 A.M. because of the heat. 

This weekend, I bought some American Wagyu beef from a ranch about 10 minutes away. I was really excited to finally try this and so I bought it online, and met the owner down the road from me to pick it up. Here is the link to the website American Wagyu Beef and some of the pictures of the beef I bought. 
Yes I got a little excited and ordered a lot! Good thing I have a chest freezer.

This sign is what I see every time I drive into Valley Springs

The ranch land where I picked up the meat.
I had a sirloin steak that night and OMG so better tasting than anything I have had from the supermarket. I ate it with a salad that I made of tomatoes, red onions and basil from my garden, with just a vinagrette as a dressing. Great dinner!

My garden this year has been better than ever, and once I finally got a handle on the vole population, things are starting to get ripe. The voles have been a menace in our county this year because the rain gave them so much to eat, their population exploded. Now, after trapping, shooting and poison, the population seems to be back to normal. One plant they won't eat is butter nut squash.. so I have actually picked wheelbarrow full of that!
Second harsvest... lots of squash

The squirrels were eating all my tomatoes so I covered them with bird netting and they finally produced this weekend! The plants are a mess though as we you can see below;

That is 7 plants that grew together

I planted 2 kinds of tomatoes, one is a small cherry tomato that is yellow, and the other is a canning tomato called Stupice that has a uniform size of about 2 inches. I had enough to actually try my hand at canning them so i did!
before canning 

Large quart jar I canned them whole
It takes some time to do that, you have to blanch them in hot water to get the skins off and then process them for 40 mins in a water bath canner. They have so much acid you don't need to use the pressure canner. I got 3 jars of them so we will see how they taste.


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