Sunday, February 18, 2018

Garden Bed for Blueberries Feb 2018


Last year, I went to a whole lot of trouble to create an area to grow blueberries and blackberries, where the old grape vines used to be. I worked on building that soil up, putting up a deer fence and even chopped down a tree branch that was hanging over the area. I planted them all and I was very happy.. until summer came around. My garden area is where I spend most of my time, but this large planting area was on the other side of the citrus trees and by the time I got finished with everything I was working on in the main garden, I never made it down to see them.  They suffered quite a lot I am afraid.. totally my fault. This winter I decided to move them up to the main garden, and built them a planting bed that used my old deck boards. I knew that I wanted something skinny and long so that it would fit in the area next to the strawberries.. so I found 2 each of the 16 foot boards for the sides, then cut 12 inch end pieces. I used corner brackets and screws to put them together because they hold better than nailing or just screws. I used the same technique when building up the strawberry beds as well, they just hold better especially when you have wood that is older.

Then of course you have to out in gopher wire which means staple gun time! You lay it out and just start stapling it to the frame, this was a narrow bed so I have the wire going down pretty deep. 

The view from my deck looking down at the completed frame for the planter, minus the dirt and the plants!

This weekend, I added the peat moss, the dirt and transplanted the blue berries. The like acid soil which is unusual and why I added the peat moss. I am not sure if they will make it since I so neglected them last year. If not, I will try and plant more next year and pay attention to them! They are bit hard to see because they are just sticks right now.. since they are dormant. Soon they should leaf out and I will see who is still alive. 
They are there I promise! They just blend in with the dirt right now..

This has been another really dry year, so I am not sure what I will be able to plant in the outside garden. I was really hoping to plant the Stupice tomatoes because they canned up so well and they taste wonderful still. When I open a jar of these beauties, it tastes like summer again!

We have some flowers blooming and of course I have to share the daffodil pictures before I go..

Thanks again!


Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree 2018

Hello All!

As you guys now know, as well as being an obsessed garderner and fervent fixer-upper, for the last 7 years or so, I have been assisting my mother with our family history. When the technology started replacing paper records, and when DNA really started to show results, it was too much for her to deal with on her own. So she leaves me to uncover the new family members (Hello Adam, Janet and Shasta!) as well as the deeply buried internet records, and she is now telling the story of the family to the rest of our family.

To that end, we are going to attend a conference at the end of May in Southern California, which has me excited because of the heavy presence of DNA talks! I wish there was more on how to become a genealogist as a career but hey, I will be learning a ton of things here!

If anyone is interested in coming to the this with me, here is the link;
Registration Page