Sunday, March 18, 2018

March Madness 2018 - Weather wise I mean


When I moved the blueberry plants up to the garden, we were in the middle of another drought year. No rain, no snow, no bueno. This month, March, has been wild in terms of weather. We have had some low snow levels and lots of rain, and yesterday, I got hail for about 15 minutes. 
Video of it coming off the roof of my house, it was so loud!

In the garden a few weeks ago, I took off all of the citrus from the trees ahead of all this cold weather and set about juicing them. My little lemon tree gave off about 200 lemons!
Yes this is a wheelbarrow full of citrus.. it was an amazing amount of fruit.

During the juicing process, first I rinse and scrub all the fruit really well in water with a tiny splash of bleach. There is a lot of mold spores out and I don't want to ruin my juice with mold. I juiced lemons and blood oranges and froze the juice.

First carrots of the year!
Warning - Plant Geek ahead!
I have a small patch of carrots because the seeds really didn't germinate this year as successfully as last year. (Carrots are notorious for being fickle to germinate.) This first bunch didn't taste too good I think because it had been so warm this winter, until these last two weeks. Next week I will pull a couple more and see if they taste better. Carrots are a winter vegetable, and need cold to taste better. (When it gets cold, they pull nutrients and energy from their leaves, and store it in the root.)They are also good for storage because you can leave them in the ground over winter, as long as the ground doesn't freeze really hard. Or you have voles that eat them all up! One other fact about carrots is that they are not annual or perennial, they are biennial ; which means they grow for the first year, and if you leave them in the ground, they will flower and set seeds the second year. I have never done this but I might do it this year with 1 or 2 of them. Just to see what happens.. of course, if the plant is a hybrid  even though it sets seeds, the results will be different than what you were hoping for. They will take the characteristics of 1 of the parents, not both. 

Okay enough plant talk! 



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