Thursday, May 31, 2018

SCGS Jamboree 2018 - Burbank, CA - Day 1

Hello From Burbank!

My mom and I are here at the first day of the genealogy conference, but we are taking different tracks. She is taking the family history writers track and I am more interested in the genetic genealogy track. My first session today, "The Danger of Distant Genetic Matches", was fascinating! The speaker was Blaine T. Bettinger, Phd and he has a couple books out on the use of DNA in genealogy. His class talked about how to do "phasing" with the DNA of your parents and since both my parents and my son have had DNA tested, I can really do this! It will weed out the matches that are attributed to false positives due to the various algorithms the DNA sites use. My dad has so many people in Finland that are matching and we don't know why so that might help with this question.

My mom is now inspired to write so many stories, that she is going to get a cup of coffee and think about what she could write. Regarding family stories, my (maternal) great, great, uncle Dan Goodan, was not a good man. He was a thief, felon and a con man... and also fathered a child with a woman when get out of Folsom prison. This man had several kids and through DNA testing, we met Janet! She is my 3rd cousin, the grand-daughter of Dan Goodan and a really nice lady. She missed out on the cousins that my mom had and it was clear they both were sad about that.. but hopefully, this new "family" connection will help her feel like she does belong with us and connect with us more. 

Day 1 is over and it has been an interesting day, great presenters, location is good, service and concessions have been terrible but you can't have it all!


Sunday, May 20, 2018

Cat versus Fox

This cat has been hunting on my property for years and I always worry about her. But when she came face-to-face with a fox, she didn't back down.

The fox is so confused by her!


Sunday, May 6, 2018

Garden Stuff and Frogs!


I missed going to my house for a few weeks in April and the weeds just exploded! I spent many hours hacking and spraying them, but for all the work, this is my favorite time of the year.  There lupines are in full bloom with the red clover and golden poppies just getting going. And my tree frogs move back to the greenhouse in anticipation of the heat that is just around the corner. But the vermin are active again and my fight with them continues.

This year I planted my winter garden of onions and garlic as usual, but the voles have eaten most all of the onions. Out of 100 plants, I have about 8 of them left. I am so mad because that is my favorite crop! The carrots are doing okay, not as good as last year because a bit less rain, but there were some oddities there as well. 

The fun of gardening is that you get to be the one who digs up these strange things. I have planted a bunch more to try and get a 2nd crop in before the summer heat comes, so we will see what happens with those carrots.

Just Pictures March 2018

It was a strange weekend with my goal of trying to spray all the weeds interrupted with hours of hail and pounding rain. I got trapped in the greenhouse with the fish and here is a few of the pictures that make me happy.

The  light thus morning coming through the wet trees was amazing
This is a video of my goldfish in the aquaponics tank. I bought them 4 years ago and they are just huge now. The noise is the hail and rain outside...
This was done via my phone sorry for any goofs!