Saturday, July 7, 2018

July 4th 2018 - Long Weekend in MokeHill

Happy American Independence Day! 


4th of July this year was smack dab in the middle of the week.. so I decided to come up here on the 3rd and stay for the rest of the week and weekend. I am dog-sitting a friend's dog as well, a female husky named Flower, so it seemed like a better idea to have her here in this big house vs. my small apartment in the city. The weather was really good for the 4th only getting to the mid 80's but it soon got hotter the next couple of days. My garden this year is very small, due to the gophers and everything getting eaten, I decided to not plant a couple of the beds. But, I did finally finish putting mulch down over the whole garden after working on it for 4 years. I also have my neighbors goats here eating the weeds down... so that is always exciting! 
I did the middle section over the memorial day weekend so the goal this weekend was to finish it finally.

 I always lay out weed block fabric and tack it down with landscape staples. Make sure you overlap the edges by about 4 inches or more to help block the weeds from finding a seam to poke up though. One thing i have learned is to use A LOT of mulch.. each of these piles is one 2 cubic foot bag of mulch. I used to put it much thinner but this is the most effective way to keep the weeds out. The reason it has taken so long is that prepping the dirt to get all the weeds and rocks out and somewhat smooth takes a lot of effort. And I wait until Lowes has this mulch on sale...
My "helper" Flower supervising my work

Finished it finally! Now because the other bark has lost the color, I will be putting more bark on those thin spots. But for now, I am done! The goats are here again and here are a couple of pictures.

They love attention!

They also really like dogs... they would follow us on our walk. Flower is not one who likes them however... 
Random garden pictures..
California poppies

Carrots from my yard.. i got a lot of them and this is just a small batch.

This is a carrot that I let go to seed. I want to see if I can actually get seeds this way and plant them.

Must have a frog picture!

This is a picture of one of the tomatoes I started in my greenhouse aquaponics system. I have planted 5 of these tomato plants in the garden and hope they survive. I also have about 6 more in the greenhouse in the grow beds for back up plants. For me, tomatoes don't taste as good grown in the greenhouse, they need the dirt to really get that bright tomato taste. However, starting the plants in the grow beds gives me a really nice transplant to use.

And finally, the quail this year are not as plentiful has they were last year but that is because we didn't get the amount of rain like last winter. But they are still on my property and they tend to hide in the bushes and branches of trees that fall down. This one is the look out for his little group of quail..
Such a pretty bird, and to be honest, they are very tasty too. I can't hunt on my property so they are safe from me, but not the other predators like cats, dogs, foxes, hawks and coyotes. 

Hope everyone had a good holiday!