Sunday, February 17, 2019

Trip To Kihei, Maui, Hawaii - Jan/Feb 2019


I took my sister to Maui for her birthday this year, and we chose to go to Maui. It had a direct flight from both our airports and since we were only for a long weekend, had enough to do. Here are the pictures.
 From the plane flying in to the airport..


View from our condo 
Watching the turtles come on this beach, there had to have been 14 of the them.

 Surfing Goat Dairy, where we got to to do a brief tour, and taste some cheese. They have about 80 goats in milk at any one time. Once again, rain and sun, rain and sun, but hey, you know I love goats!


Baby Goats

 Food somewhere that made me want to take a picture. It was good..

Grand Wailea Resort - we had a massage at the spa, hung out in the treatment pools, and it was really amazing. 

 Day at Makena "big beach", the sun and I play this peak-a-boo game, where I try to hide from it as much as I can... but still be out in it. It is an awkward dance.

Lahaina at Sunset. We had a lot of rain.. but it was warm so no one was complaining.
Dinner at a local restaurant in a strip mall. It was not a tourist place but it had great food and fun entertainment.

Chickens are everywhere
 More beach pictures of Lanaii and Molokai

 Ali'i Kula Lavender farm - what a spectacular view. They are located in Kula which is up the mountain at about 4000 feet elevation. You can see both sides of the ocean from up there.

 Lavender of all kinds is growing in a botanical garden for visitors. 

Candelabra Succulent

Bird of Paradise

 Protea are everywhere.. some are flowers like this and others are trees.

 Hang gliders flew over as well while I was there... it has great updraft so it was really busy.

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