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About Me - My past, current and future

My name is Julie and I live in the SF Bay Area CA during the week and Mokelumne Hill on the weekends. I work in technology companies in sales operations and sales systems.
I started this project with my son Nick and my sweet dog Casey back in 2009. Casey died in June 2014 and since then the house is a lot more quiet than it used to be. I created a tribute page to her and I think there are more pictures of her on this blog then anyone else in the family. I come from a long line of pioneers who believed in buying houses and fixing them up themselves, rather than paying someone to do it for them. (We were actually dirt poor and that do-it-yourself attitude still drives us) Looking through our ancestry.com trees I realized that even if they wanted to pay someone, they couldn't have afforded it! 

I am divorced and I love DIY projects, gardening, cooking, dogs and shopping at Lowes and Home Depot.  (my mom says they are my Macy's)

I bought this house in 2009 as a place for me to retire someday. It was a foreclosure and if you want to see what it took to find a place then go to the beginning of the blog. It was not a "wreck" like some of the houses you can find with busted toilets and holes in the walls. But it was not great... it had a water leak that didn't get discovered until we owned it. It was painted in these horrible colors and the addition to the house made no sense. All of those cosmetic issues allowed me to buy it really cheap. It was also on a hill with a great view and 5 acres. After living in a town home, and working in San Francisco it seemed like heaven to me... I couldn't see my neighbors and it was so quiet. I have taken classes in cheese-making, even graduating from the Artisan Cheese Makers program at Cal- Poly and read dozens of books to see if I can come up with a business model to make this place viable. *Update* since going on a paleo diet in 2013,I can't eat dairy so I don't make cheese anymore. If I get to the point of having my own goats or cows, I will do it again.

I have currently replaced most of the major structural projects on the house, including roof, flooring, siding and windows! I am still looking at how to pay for deck that needs to be rebuilt and that doesn't look good for 2014 either! It is an elevated deck and kind of tricky (read expensive!) Only part of it has been replaced, the part that was falling down. (may 2017)

If you want to contact me at all, please email me ; julie@mokehillhousefarm.com or jtonseth@comcast.net

I would like hearing from the people who read this blog around the world. What is it you like and what keeps you coming back? 


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